The Best Reviews Funnel Plugin For WordPress

Proton Reviews is the Best Reviews Funnel for Google, Yelp, and Facebook. It makes getting new reviews easy and helps keep negative reviews away from your online profile to keep your online reputation healthy.

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Proton Reviews Will Help Your Business By:

  • Creating custom landing page to show current reviews and request new ones
  • Displaying multiple reviews from Google and Yelp
  • Providing one click direct access to Google or Yelp platforms
  • Creating a process to stop negative reviews by asking customers whether they would recommend your business
  • Managing negative reviews and directing negative feedback away from public platforms
  • Making review software easy to use for customers and website managers
  • Filtering spam with reCAPTCHA protection
  • Allowing you to choose whether to direct your customers to Google or Yelp first
  • Creating a responsive and fluid layout

Do Even More With Our Premium Features:

  • Get reviews from Facebook as well as Google and Yelp
  • Generate reviews for businesses with multiple locations
  • Choose a minimum star rating to display
  • Create SEO and Google rich snippets, and schema markup
  • Abbreviate reviewers last names and provide more privacy to your customers
  • Display reviews in a masonry grid
  • Display reviewer profile image for Google and Yelp Reviews
  • Display review selection as thumbs or stars aside from existing buttons
  • Have the Positive Review Form at the end of the review funnel process
  • Have Website Reviews received from the Positive Review Form as another review source
  • When installed, the plugin will fetch and include up to 5 featured reviews available from Google API and up to 3 reviews available from Yelp API. Every time the plugin settings are saved, any new featured reviews available from Google or Yelp will be added to the existing reviews.


What Is the Proton Reviews App?

The Proton Reviews App creates positive energy through the web by generating, managing, and displaying reviews from major platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook on your WordPress website. The Proton Reviews App is a simple WordPress plugin which will give you complete control over your customer’s review process and help you get the highest ratings possible.

The Proton Reviews App is the best review app on the market. It is affordable and functional. Rather than installing multiple expensive apps to manage your reviews, Proton Reviews allows you complete control over the entire process in one simple application with only payment.

How to set it up?

Your review plugin should also be simple to install. We designed Proton Reviews to make your life easier, so we made it easy to add to the back end of your website.

Our setup walks you through each section, so even if you’ve never heard of a Google API key or reCAPTCHA secret key, it will be a breeze to install and activate the Proton Reviews App. You’ll be ready to start generating more positive reviews in just a few minutes.

How Can the Proton Reviews App Help Me?

Positive reviews are crucial for any business. When customers on the web want to do business, they see reviews and make a decision before even meeting you. The Proton Reviews App helps your business make the best possible first impression.

The Proton Reviews App can:

  • Generate new reviews
  • Display reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook on your website
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Help you manage negative reviews
  • Help improve customer service and business reputation
  • Work for multiple locations of the same business

Why Proton Reviews Plugin is Awesome?

Proton Reviews App Benefits:

  • It’s easy for customers to leave a review.
  • Takes people directly to important platforms like Google, Yelp, or Facebook where they will leave their review.
  • You can choose the minimum star rating displayed on your website
  • It works with multiple business locations
  • It helps you filter out negative reviews
  • It gives you Proton customer service by addressing customer problems before they reach Google, Facebook, or Yelp
  • It gives you better customer service by addressing customer problems before they get to Google, Facebook, or Yelp

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    Improve Your Business

    Openly inviting reviews of your business shows that you are honest and care about customer satisfaction. It means you are being transparent and are invested in improving the services you offer. Plus, your business is more likely to show up on the first page of Google and other search engines when you have more positive reviews.


    Reviews act as a snapshot of what people can expect when doing business with you. If several other people have had positive experiences with your business, it is likely that new people will too. The same holds true if there are several negative reviews. And if you have no reviews at all, customers may not want to take the risk of trying your services. Customers would rather go with the business they find more information about.

    ADVYON uses the Proton Reviews App for many small to medium size businesses. Because of the Proton Reviews App, ADVYON has more 5-star ratings than any other IT company in South Carolina. Our clients who use the Proton Reviews App have seen drastic improvement in the number of reviews they receive, easily outpacing even the biggest competitors..


    Make the decision to generate positive energy for your business – get the Proton Reviews App today!

    Unique Features of the Proton Reviews App

    Minimum-star rating

    You have the option to choose minimum star rating (four stars, five stars, etc.) for what to display on your site.

    Choose platform order

    You can easily customize which platform shows up first in the Proton Reviews App widget, so if reviews from Google are more important to you than Facebook reviews, you can select for Google reviews to show up first.

    Customize display

    You can choose how reviews are displayed: tabs separated by platform or in one combined list.


    Abbreviate reviewers last name and provide more privacy to your customers

    Multiple locations

    Does your business have multiple physical locations but only one website associated with your brand? The Proton Reviews App can display them all in one place, removing the confusion of finding the right location to leave a review.